BANS OFF OUR BODIES! We are not just pro-choice, but proudly pro-choice. The Supreme Court is trying to overturn Roe v. Wade making dangerous impacts against a woman's right to choose. We say FUCK THAT!

Black Lives Matter

20% of all BLM sales directly support My Block, My Hood, My City in Chicago.

Black lives matter. Black futures matter. Black families matter. Black rights matter.


What else can we do?

DEMAND JUSTICE. Demand freedom. Demand liberation.

  1. Listen without being defensive
  2. Do not de-humanize "criminals"
  3. Make it a voting issue & demand policy change from elected officials (see here to find your congresspeople)
  4. Join Campaign Zero
  5. Protest in-person or via online petitions
  6. Donate to victims' families
  7. Advocate for mental health intervention
  8. Record police encounters responsibly
  9. Push to remove & punish bad officers
  10. Help good officers speak up
  11. Read Black History books
  12. VOTE.