Handmade Happy Hours










HHH is about "community over competition," bringing local artists & makers together in a collaborative space to sell our works to the community.


We believe there was a gap in our community. It was hard to find a stable & accessible community of artisans to share ideas, events, and space together. So, we decided to create the space for ourselves.

Each Pop-Up event is thoughtfully curated to provide a variety of artistic styles to the community in attendance. This is not the market where you have eight jewelry vendors all next to each other! We focus in variety, because we want each medium & artist to be showcased and appreciated in its own light.
We are building a positive and supportive community of Artists and events that understand the struggles that independent creators often experience. We are proud of the work we do and the amazing people we get to work with.
Please see our Handmade Happy Hours website to stay tuned to upcoming events & markets, and, if you're interested in vending, you can do so through our vendor contact page.