HER BODY, HER CHOICE Tee - Fundraiser to Fight the Texas Abortion Ban


Per The Strategist:

In Texas, it’s now illegal to get an abortion after the first signs of a fetal heartbeat, which amounts to around six weeks, or about two weeks after a missed period. The law, officially titled Senate Bill 8, went into effect on Wednesday when the Supreme Court refused to block it. It also allows private citizens to sue abortion providers (and anyone they suspect of aiding someone get an abortion). This is now the most restrictive anti-abortion legislation in the country.

What kind of fucked up Handmaid's Tale-ish fuckery is this?!


With each sale of "My Body, My Choice" tee, we are donating ALL proceeds to Planned Parenthood, specifically the Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas. Each tee sold means ~$15 goes directly to the efforts of Planned Parenthood to continue providing resources, education, and SAFE abortion procedures to Texans.

We chose Planned Parenthood because they offer so many resources to women and men to make informed decisions about their healthcare including:

•Screening for cancer
•Pregnancy testing
•Affordable health care
•Advocating for state/federal policies that advance health care
•Pregnancy options counseling
•Sexual health education
•Menopause treatments
•Adoption referral to other agencies
•STD testing
•Tubal litigations
•SAFE abortion services


We have to fight back - this bill encourages vigilantism, not just in Texas, but around the country. Per Spectrum News, "any person around the country can sue anyone who 'knowingly engages in conduct that aids or abets the performance or inducement of an abortion,' not just the provider." This is war.

Women deserve to have control over their own bodies and access to essential healthcare.

Donate directly to Planned Parenthood or Donate directly to Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas.

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