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We've decided to donate proceeds from our Support Ukraine artwork to the Polish Humanitarian Action. As of February 24, 2022, 1 million people have crossed the border of Ukraine to seek refuge, and 52% of these people have found shelter in Poland.

PAH (Polish Humanitarian Action) provides aid to refugees and those hosting refugees - including basic necessities like food and water, counseling, education, medical assistance, hygiene kits, and more. 

In addition, PAH offers lawyer counseling, career mentoring, psychological consultation for those who have been displaced, and those who are hosting refugees. See PAH's Facebook page for up-to-date information regarding ongoing support to Ukraine.

We chose PAH for several reasons... We wanted to make sure proceeds go towards an organization that immediately helps people on the ground. PAH recognizes basic needs like food & clothing, but also supports general well-being. PAH offers crisis counseling for those in the war zone, saying:

War is a huge psychological burden for the inhabitants of Ukraine - especially those who will not be able or do not want to leave their homes. That is why we also help on the spot in eastern Ukraine.
Our psychologists provide psychosocial support to the elderly, people with disabilities and families with many children. They talk to them, offer help in dealing with trauma or and stress.

PAH offers on-the-spot help including food, water, hygiene supplies, in addition to psychological counseling & help to those living in the war.

We found PAH through an article posted by Vox. Click here for the article.

Donations have been made in advance for Support Ukraine greeting cards and stickers supplied to consignment gift shops.


3" x 2.25". Suitable for water bottles, mirrors, laptops, appliances, and more.


Quantity Price
1 Sticker  $4.00
3 Stickers $10.00 ($3.33/ea)
5 Stickers $15.00 ($3.00/ea)
10 Stickers $29.00 ($2.90/ea)
15 Stickers $42.00 ($2.80/ea)
20 Stickers $52.00 ($2.60/ea)

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The fine print: Waterproof. Matte vinyl material. All designs property of Black Cat Bazaar.

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