3 Feet of Snow Later...

3 Feet of Snow Later...

Holy cow have we gotten a lot of snow in Chicago!! 🥶


With 11 days of frigid temps and nearly 3 feet of snow since the beginning of February, it's time to TREAT YOSELF!!!!!!!! 🎉🥂


I'm so excited to announce that I'm now carrying super soft, premium brand, high quality matching sweatsuits!


Did you know that the pandemic is changing fashion, like, for good? I, for one, am very happy about this. The New Yorker is calling it the "Slob-Chic Style," where we dress for comfort and opt for cozy fabrics to feel as comfortable as possibly physically, and emotionally.

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As we change out of our night pajamas, into our "day pajamas", get yourself a brand new sweatsuit! I've added options including men's/women's sizing, crop hoodies, and even a BYO sweatsuit.


Favorites include:

Black Tie Dye Sweatsuit - $75


Women's Black Camo Crop Sweatsuit - $75



Distressed Black Mineral Wash Sweatsuit - $75



 There's many more options to choose from - so be sure to check out the whole collection!



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Thanks for reading :)

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