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Introducing: Standard & Premium Brand Options

Introducing: Standard & Premium Brand Options

I'm introducing new options for apparel - Standard and Premium Brands.

You will start to see options for Standard and Premium. What's the difference and how to choose between standard and premium options? Read on!



 *Standard Options Info*

Standard brands include Gildan, Fruit of the Loom, Hanes, etc.

Quick facts:

  • Generally, made of a cotton/boly blend
  • Matching drawcords
  • Kangaroo style pouch pocket
  • Cuffs at wrists & waist
  • Unisex sizing
  • Baggier fit
  • Generally offers sizes Small - 4X

Gildan, Fruit of the Loom, and other "standard" brands are extremely popular for businesses small and large because of the deep discounts offered for buying in bulk. They are generally well-stocked at retail and wholesale locations, easy to apply designs, and are very consistent sizing & fabrics.

The upside - affordability, comfort, and you might know exactly what size you need because chances are you already have these brands in your closet.

The downside - longevity & very unisex sizing (not many options for a slimmer, sometimes more fashionable, fit).




*Premium Options Info*

Premium brands include Bella + Canvas, Independent Trading, Next Level, and others.

Quick facts:

  • Often times 100% cotton, or more cotton than poly blend
  • Matching or contrasting drawcords
  • Slimmer pouch pockets
  • Cuffs and/or raw seams for arms & waist
  • Unisex or specific men's/women's sizing
  • "Retail" (ie. slimmer) fit
  • Small details like metal tips at the ends of drawcords, stitching style, and more
  • Colors & prints like camo, distressed washes, and more.
  • Generally offers sizing XS - 2X

Bella + Canvas, Independent Trading, and other "premium" brands are just as popular, but more expensive and not as widely available, making them sometimes hard to find and/or out of stock for periods of time. These brands are also consistent, but, the "fit" of a hoodie can vary. These brands often value "Made in America" and sustainable sourcing/employment practices.

The upside - quite a bit softer, snugger, more fashionable sizing & fabrics.

The downside - cost & sometimes out of stock (especially during the pandemic!).


I can get behind both Standard and Premium options - I own several of each and wear them for different occasions. Chillin' on a Sunday night, writing a blog post? Standard black hoodie w/rosegold skyline for me. Goin' to the office and want to be comfortable but still look like I care? Premium crewneck w/skull it is.

Deciding can be tough - both Standard & Premium options are well-liked across genders & ages. The few extra dollars for Premium options, in my opinion, are well worth it, since they will last longer through wash after wash.


Just a gentle reminder - I recommend air drying your Greetings by Jenny apparel after a 10 minute fluff in the dryer.


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