Mask-ucation from Greetings by Jenny

Mask-ucation from Greetings by Jenny

Ready for a little mask-ucation?

I first introduced face masks in August, and since then, I've added more styles and colors.

Wanna know the differences and what's best for you? Read on!

This might get a little confusing, so bear with me!


First, I have 2 colors. Black & Grey.

Second, I have 3 styles. Full Coverage, Full Coverage with Adjustable Ear Loops, and Contour with Adjustable Ear Loops.


1. Full Coverage Mask with Elastic Ear Loops and Ties


chicago flag with hearts full coverage face mask


Made locally by Wulfka, these masks are made of linen & cotton, with an inner nonwoven polypropylene layer. Next to your face is a 100% cotton layer (totaling 3 layers).

The nonwoven polypropylene layer is the material used for surgical face masks and, when worn properly, make it difficult for microscopic fibers to get through.

Dimensions: 8"W x 6"L coverage, 13"W with ear loops.

Pros: Total 100% coverage from nose to bottom of chin, breathable, ear loops & ties ensure extra secure fit, great for long term wear, nose wire, locally designed and made.

Cons: Non-adjustable ear loops.


2. Full Coverage with Adjustable Ear Loops



The Full Coverage with Adjustable Ear Loops style is made by The Tie Bar. The Tie Bar is also local-ish, as they are based in Chicago.

These face masks are 100% cotton, and kind of a "silky" cotton, if you ask me. If you've ever felt a tie, these feel like a tie. They also have an inner pocket for a filter.

Dimensions: 8.8"W x 6"H coverage, 15"W with ear loops.

Pros: Silky soft feel, inner pocket for filter, adjustable ear loops, easy on & off, nose wire.

Cons: I really can't think of any cons. I love these masks.



3. Contour with Adjustable Ear Loops


The Contour with Adjustable Ear Loops mask is actually Gap brand. Not local, but made local by me!!! :)

Again, 100% cotton, and in between the silky feel of the Full Coverage Mask with Adjustable Ear Loops and a cotton tee shirt.

3 layers of cotton + an inner pocket for a filter, but these have an "adjustable nose piece," which is not a nose wire. However, they still fit snug against the face for comfortable all-day wear.

Dimensions:  8"W x 4.75"L, 15"+ with ear loops.

Pros: Slimmer than the other face masks, this works well for smaller faces, lightweight, easy on & off, adjustable ear loops, inner pocket for filter.

Cons: "adjustable nose piece" is not an nose wire, has full coverage for smaller faces but probably not bigger faces.


Final Thoughts

I love all 3 styles of face masks for different reasons.

I like the Wulfka mask (full coverage) when I'm out running errands and I don't want to take my mask on & off, need the mask to stay in place for long periods at a time, and might be involved in conversation (ie, moving my mouth a lot). I like that I can take it off and it's still attached to me via the ties, meaning the chances I lose the mask are significantly less.

I like The Tie Bar mask (full coverage with adjustable ear loops) pretty much any day of the week. They're great for running errands, wearing while at work (when I take the mask on & off a lot because I have to wear it "in the office" but not "sitting at my desk"), and a good one to just have in the purse.

I like the Gap mask (contour with adjustable ear loops) for quick errands & again, at work. However, I find that if I'm talking a lot, the mask tends to slide down.

Lastly, none of these masks are meant to replace medical grade PPE masks.


Don't forget!  If you're registered to vote, let me know and I'll send you a 35% off coupon!



If you still have questions about the masks I carry or want a custom design, please contact me!

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