Fun & Random Reasons to Send a Greeting Card Today

Fun & Random Reasons to Send a Greeting Card Today

Have you ever received an unexpected piece of happy mail?

Ya know, where you come home from work, you’re looking at the mailbox like “ugh,” maybe even avoiding it because you know it’s all bills and junk mail? (Yeah… I’m guilty of totally bypassing the mailbox because I dread what’s inside sometimes.)

Well, how about when you come home and check that mailbox, and you see a surprise envelope with a familiar name, and you’re like, “oh! It’s not my birthday, I’m not particularly expecting a thank you card, what’s this, I wonder?”

Then you open the envelope and, surprise! It’s a random greeting card!

How awesome is it to get a random card? That someone thought of YOU, that they miss you or that they wanna say hi to you, how fun is that?

Well, I have cards for all the fun miscellaneous occasions and random times you’re thinking of someone and feel like you want to say hi to them, for no other reason than to just say, “hey, I’ve been thinking about you.”

Fun and Random Occasions to Send a Greeting Card to a Friend Today

I appreciate the fuck outta you

Maybe you’ve been thinking about a friend you really appreciate. They’ve been there for you through thick and thin, they make you laugh, they join you in Saturday nights in or out. Tell them that you appreciate them, and they mean a lot to you, with the extra oomph of swear words.

This card is part of a 3-card set, the Potty Mouth Encouragement Pack.


Just wanna say hi to a friend? Send a card from the “Just sayin’ hi” collection. The Just Sayin’ Hi collection includes cards that various cards to let friends and family know they’ve been on your mind. Maybe you forgot to text them back or return their phone call, but you didn’t forget about them! Bonus points for taking the extra few minutes to write a note inside.

This card is $6 and includes a matching envelope.

hearts collage cards

My most popular selling cards are the hearts collage cards. They’re cute, fun, and work for almost any occasion. I’ve just replenished stock of these popular cuties, check them out!

All hearts collage cards are $6 and include matching envelopes.


atlas cards

Want to let a friend know that they mean the world to you? Maybe they’re also a traveler or adventurer. If so, the newly redesigned atlas cards are simply beautiful and a friend is sure to appreciate that you think of them so highly.

Atlas cards are $6.50 and include matching envelope.

any miscellaneous cat card

Have some die-hard Cat Ladies in your life? I’ve got plenty of miscellaneous cat cards for those crazy cat ladies that need a little giggle.

I’ve got cards for dog lovers and other animal lovers, too! Check out greeting cards featuring animals here.

Out of the Ordinary Reasons to Send a Greeting Card

Need more ideas? Here are other out of the ordinary reasons to send greeting cards:

  1. To celebrate someone adopting an animal.
  2. Along with this, send someone’s pet a card to let them know how much you miss it.
  3. To console a recent empty-nester.
  4. To celebrate someone leaving a job they hated.
  5. To congratulate a friend for a promotion, or for starting their own business.
  6. To show off your penmanship.
  7. To recognize a made-up holiday (here are some ideas for July. My particular favorite is National Lasagna Day on July 29).
  8. To celebrate someone who broke up with a shitty girlfriend or boyfriend (yay! he/she’s gone!)
  9. To wish someone luck when moving to a new city (and then, send them a card to fight homesickness)
  10. Or for no particular reason at all… because happy mail is just, happy.

Have a great weekend everyone!




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