How to Send Cards to Friends with Handwritten Messages during COVID-19

How to Send Cards to Friends with Handwritten Messages during COVID-19

Hang in there, friends!

The shelter-in-place orders won't last forever, although, it feels like it's already been forever, am I right?

I find myself reminiscing on simple daily activities, like taking the bus to the store, or visiting one of my local consignment shops - even though I was doing these things only a few weeks ago. The mundane seems desirable right now.

Shelter-in-place and social/physical distancing can feel so lonely. While we hunker down and make plans to see friends and family in the future, send a card to let them know you're thinking of them.

I mean, what's better than opening the mailbox (which seems like an "outing" lately), and finding a piece of mail from a friend amongst the Census postcards, Trump's social distancing guidelines, and bills? Nothing.


How to Send a Card to a Friend from Greetings by Jenny in a few simple steps:




1. Pick the card you want to send! If you want to pick cards for more than 1 friend (or the friends have different addresses), you'll need to complete the checkout process for each address you want to ship to.

 This adorable Boop card can be found here.


2. Add what you want to say in the order comments. Don't be shy about what you want to say - say what you feel! I've written all kinds of messages in cards for people, no judgment here!


3. Put the recipient's address in the ship-to address. Just put their address in and BOOM! Done. 


Neither of us have to go anywhere to make this happen. I don't have to go to the post office to buy postage or drop the card off, I just drop it in the mailbox for the USPS pickup. You get a tracking number confirmation so you can see when your friend receives the card.


That's it!

Let me know if you have a custom card request or any questions. I'm happy to help!




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