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Jazz up your gear!

Jazz up your gear!

Have an old pair of pants, shoes, backpack, etc . lying around that could use a new life?

I'm here to help.

Maybe you thrifted a jean jacket a while ago and you want to put a cool design on the back, or maybe your favorite comfy pants could use a bit of love.

I can take your blank & rather uninteresting clothes, shoes, bags - and almost whatever else you can think of - and turn it into something completely new.

Get excited to wear that old pair of pants and carry around that backpack again!



For the majority of my apparel & accessories, I use heat-pressed vinyl. Vinyl can go on virtually anything. For a shortlist...

  • Clothing & accessories (bags, hats, sweatpants, leggings, button-down shirts, polos, etc.)
  • Sports bras, tank tops, crop tops, bandaues
  • Sportsgear & sportswear
  • Glass, ceramic & tumblers
  • Leather
  • Notebooks, pencil bags
  • Wood
  • Lunchboxes
  • Mousepads
  • Doormats

It incredibly versatile, and can breathe new life into things you already have lying around.


You can choose a design I already have, say the Chicago Skyline or the Pineapple, or you can send me your design ideas, and I will put it on (almost) anything your heart desires. A favorite quote, your logo, your dog's face - I can put that on something you already have laying around!

I took a pair of old sweatpants and turned them into something I'm excited to wear again:


 One of my favorite quotes is "Nevertheless, she persisted" and I put that on an old sweatshirt I got at Kohl's years ago:


That coffee mug you've been using during self-quarantine, let's get you excited to drink out of it again:



So, those pajama pants you've been wearing for the last month? Let's spice them up a bit.



If you love my designs, but don't need a new hoodie or t-shirt, let me take one you already have and jazz it up for you.

Contact me to get a quote for your new piece of clothing, drink ware, or office product. Or, email your inquiries to


***The piece of clothing or accessory you would like customized must be shipped or dropped off.***


Find me on Instagram (@greetingsbyjenny), Facebook, or Pinterest to keep up with the latest collections.



Stay safe out there! Take care of yourself.




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