GBJ Apparel Sizing

GBJ Apparel Sizing

Hello lovelies!


Sounds cliche anymore, but I sincerely do hope you and yours are doing well & staying safe. Here in IL, we are under stay-at-home orders until the end of the month of May. We just had our highest day of positive cases and COVID-19 related deaths today (May 13), which is increasingly unnerving. I'm hoping our curve in Chicago peaks and flattens soon!


Last weekend, I participated in Renegade's Virtual Fair, wherein I spoke for a total of ~4 hours about my story, Greetings by Jenny creation and evolution, my products, and more. You can find my monologues on Facebook.

[On a side note, Virtual Fairs... they are quite challenging! To feel like I'm just talking at a computer screen/phone with no interaction or questions from the customer is a bit lonely. However, with it being kind of the only choice right now, I decided to give it a shot. Maybe I'll do it again at some point - but for now, if you're looking to get to know me, my biz, what I make & do, and info about my products, please reach out to me via FB/IG, email (, or the contact form. I'm an open book!]




One of the things I went into pretty great detail about includes the sizing of my apparel.

Now, I'm not a fan of size charts - where you measure your bust and your waist and yadda yadda, but, they are helpful right now when you can't necessarily try on before you buy.

I try to list all of the pertinent information about the brand on the product page, and when I can, I post a picture of me or someone wearing my gear, and note the size we are wearing in the product description. But, I understand you might want more detail than that!

So here it goes... size charts & more information about sizing!


**I use unisex sizing/clothing unless otherwise noted**


1. T-Shirts/Long Sleeve T-Shirts

For t-shirts and long sleeve tees, I use GILDAN brand. Gildan is a popular brand for athletic apparel - and if you look in your athletic tees, chances are you already own a Gildan brand tee! According to Vegan Vibe, Gildan apparel is considered vegan and ethical. Yay!

I usually wear a Small tee/long sleeve tee in Gildan brand. When I really want to lounge around and be extra comfortable, I might wear a medium. For reference, I'm 5'3", average everything (ie. bust), and somewhat petite.

Tees and long sleeves are 100% cotton.

For size...



2. Hoodies


For hoodies, I almost always use Gildan as well. Again, I usually wear a small but will upgrade to a medium for extra lounge and comfort. My hoodies are a 50/50 cotton/polyester blend. I'm not a huge fan of polyester, but to me, these feel very cotton-y.


The only exception to the Gildan for hoodie rule is the Camo Skull Hoodie. The Camo Hoodie is Independent Trading Co brand, and is just a bit smaller than the Gildan hoodies, as it's a slimmer fit.



3. Crewnecks

Crewnecks are like Hoodies without the hood. I use Jerzees or Hanes brand for crewnecks. Gildan doesn't make a great crewneck - so I had to breakout and try another brand.

Again... I wear a small. For the crewneck, I don't typically upgrade to medium even when I want to be extra lounge-y, because the crewneck is pretty lounge-able as it is.




4. Tank Tops

The tank tops I use are Next Level brand. They are sized for women, and are a snug fit. I prefer a medium or even a large because I don't like my clothing to be tight. I would highly recommend going up a size, and even two sizes if you have a big bust.


I am starting to explore other tank top styles and tank tops for men, but for now, all the tank tops in my shop are like the one pictured above.




I hope this helps you make decisions on the size you need to order :)

If you happen to buy the wrong size, in most cases, I can do an exchange.

Have a great evening everyone and stay safe!



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