June 2020

June 2020

It's been a helluva month and we're only halfway to July.

I don't need to tell you how crazy June 2020 has been - you already know. Between 'rona, Trump, protests... AND don't forget it's Pride month! we've all been dealing with a lot lately.

A bit of story...

I went up to my parent's house in Wisconsin right after Memorial Day. I stayed there until Sunday, May 31. While I was up in the woods, I didn't stay tuned to the news like I usually do. So, you can imagine, that when I decided to catch up with the world on Saturday before I came home, I was a bit... mortified? Taken aback? I honestly don't know the right words.

You see, that last weekend of May was when, in my mind, Corona kind of stopped mattering. That's when, if you remember, protests were violent, looting was widespread, and police brutality was at the absolute forefront of the news & our minds.

I came back to a Chicago on Sunday, May 31 that was starting to board up, a Chicago that was sending emergency alerts to our phones about curfews and transportation restrictions, a Chicago that was emotionally raw.

So, when I came back on that Sunday, and the reality of everything bitch slapped me in the face, I wanted to do something to help. Anything.

The one thing I knew I could do IMMEDIATELY was to make stuff, and donate proceeds to organizations that gave back to marginalized and underprivileged populations.




My thought process was as follows:

  • "What can I do right now" - I can make things
  • "How can I help?" - I can donate money & time
  • "Where should the proceeds go?" - Well, Black Lives Matter
  • "What will people want to buy & wear in order to raise more money" - Cool ass designs, and branded apparel like the B Posi+ive Black Lives Matter Tee.
  • "How do I know what I'm doing is appropriate (as a white person) and that the designs I'm making are legit?" - Have honest and open conversations with POC
  • "Why am I making tees, tanks, accessories?" Because these things can be worn with pride, it's not just something that's one-and-done
  • "Am I doing the right thing? Is this enough?" - Well, Jenny, something is better than nothing and this is what you can do RIGHT NOW.

So, I decided on 20% of sales of BLM apparel & accessories will be donated. Which, led to over $500 donated to Black Lives Matter, and already $200 to My Block, My Hood, My City just since the beginning of June. <-- Hyperlinked so you can read more about these awesome organizations.

Now that we're halfway through June, I'm starting to see that I might have some proceeds from BLM sales leftover. I've decided any extra proceeds from the sale of BLM apparel & accessorices at the end of June (and forever, really) will be donated to My Block, My Hood, My City, or another local Chicago organization helping to rebuild and uplift our community.

The 20% + any extra proceeds donations will not end, ever. Anytime I sell any BLM merch, 20% of it will be donated.


Since then, I expanded on the Black Lives Matter Collection to include hats, tanks, sweatpants, pins, key chain charms, and more. I'm adding new products pretty much every day at this point!

Now, on to highlighting some of the merch.

 Black Lives Matter Graffiti Tank - $30-35


B Posi+ive Black Lives Matter Tee - $35-40


Black Lives Matter Zip-Up with Fluorescent Pink - $45-50



Black Lives Matter Hat - $25



Black Lives Matter Key Chain Charm - $5



There is so much more in the Black Lives Matter Collection, and again, I'm adding to it every day. I'm open to custom requests, too. Whether you want different colors, designs, or styles, please let me know at greetingsbyjenny@gmail.com or by using this form.


To wrap up this long post, I just want to say... to everyone who's ordered BLM merch, THANK YOU! Together, we've donated almost $700 to organizations that are making a difference.

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