Small Business Branded Apparel

Small Business Branded Apparel

Do you own a small business and need hoodies, tees, totes, or hats to wear at events? Or sell to your customers?

I can help you!
Hello fellow small business owners!
I've worked with several small businesses around Chicago to create branded apparel to wear at events, in the "office" (bakery, studio, etc), and to sell as merch for your biggest fans.

Example #1: Mindful Baking

The project: Make hoodies, tees, totes, and mugs for employees to wear in the bakery and at events, and make merchandise for their customers to purchase.

Mindful Baking came to me with their logo, and a bit of text to add to the back of their apparel. I reviewed the logo and advised the cost of the project, which was out-of-budget due to the layers required to make their original logo work on apparel. We worked together to create a tri-color logo that was still on-brand, but allowed me to re-quote the project at a more affordable price.

Original Logo: The original logo had ~5 colors. It was doable, but the price was a bit too high for the budget, and would have taken me quite a bit longer to make due to all the layers required for 5+ colors...

Updated/Tri-Color Logo: The updated logo had 3 colors, reducing the amount of layers required to make their apparel, thus allowing me to re-quote the project at a more affordable price.

The result: Hoodies, tees, and totes, on-brand, at a price within their budget.



Mugs: Mindful Baking also wanted coffee mugs. We worked together to create a double-sided mug with their original logo and text.





Example #2: Feed Your Head

The project: Make hoodies to wear at events & for friends and family of the brand.

Feed Your Head came to me with a beautiful, ready-to-go logo. I was able to take the logo, in addition to extra text to add to the back of the hoodies, and start the project right away.

The result: Simple, beautiful, comfortable, and durable hoodies to wear at events, in the kitchen, and for friends & family to wear in support of the business.




Example #3: B Posi+ive Podcast

The project: Make tees for producers of the podcast, with a GBJ twist.

B Posi+ive Podcasters came to me with an idea to make tees for their brand, but with a GBJ twist. They sent me their logo and a bit of text to add to the back, and advised to create the "B" in their logo in a geometric fashion, similar to the designs I have on my other apparel.

Instead of editing the "B" digitally, I cut the vinyl freehand, so each "B" was a bit different & interesting.


The result: Unique tees with a GBJ twist.



I've also designed apparel for businesses that do not already have a logo for me to work with.

If you are looking for branded merchandise for your business, contact me today to get your quote started! Small, local business supporting each other, yay!

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