Send a Card to a Friend Day - February 7, 2020

Send a Card to a Friend Day - February 7, 2020



Send a Card to a Friend Day is February 7, 2020!!

As you can imagine, one of my favorite "National Holidays" is Send a Card to a Friend Day!

Have you ever opened your mailbox and received an unexpected card from a friend? It's one of the nicest things, to find something other than bills & junk mail. Make a friend's day and send them a thoughtful, beautiful handmade greeting card to show them you're thinking of them.


Just in case you need it, here are 5 reasons to send cards to friends:

  1. Little things can and often do make someone's day. Send them an unexpected card to lighten up the daily grind.
  2. Sending cards can be good for you, too! Studies show that people with strong friendships live longer. Strengthen your friendships by taking a few minutes to send something cute & sweet.
  3. Visiting friends who live far away can be expensive. Sending a handwritten letter or card is a less expensive way to stay in touch! You can even dress up your envelope with fun stamps.
  4. Handwritten greeting cards & notes are something the recipient can keep, display, and look back on when they have a hard day. Cards give you a platform to say what you feel & make them feel more appreciated than you even realize.
  5. Sending cards can be even more meaningful than sending a gift!



Winter is hard, spring & summer are still far away. Brighten someone's day and celebrate Send a Card to a Friend Day!




Some of my favorites:













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