A few important announcements

A few important announcements

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Hello & I hope you are staying warm and safe during this winter storm!

I've got several things to tell you about - buckle up for a long-ish blog post :)


First up, I have a few important announcements to make.

  1. I will no longer be listing individual handmade cards on my website. The process is very time consuming to make, take images, edit images, and create a product listing for each individual card. Certain cards will be available on my website, but not each and every card.
  2. With that said, if you see a card at an event and cannot find it on my website, please reach out to greetingsbyjenny@gmail.com.


Second, custom order inquiries are always welcome! I make lots of custom items, including but not limited to:

  • Cards with embarrassing pictures of loved ones with an inside joke for their birthday
  • Cards with a picture of your pet on it
  • Cards with personalized messages on the inside, mailed directly to the recipient
  • Cards in other languages (Spanish, French, etc)
  • Merchandise for your business (including totes, tees, coffee mugs, hoodies, signage, etc)
  • I'm trying to get into the wedding business! Contact me to see my current wedding items (including cards, invites, table place cards, apparel, jewelry bags, centerpieces, etc)
  • Artwork for a nursery, apartment, etc
  • If I can't do it - I probably know someone who can. So please let me know if you have any ideas you'd like to turn into artwork or apparel.


Third, I'm expanding my Online Collective Shop! The Collective Shop offers a variety of pieces and artwork from Independent Artists around the Midwest. It also includes items with original artwork on it that I've turned into something else - like a tote for example. I've just partnered with Anna Hof of Hof Draws to offer some of her original designs on tote bags (and probably other items as well!).



And finally, I've just added about a dozen new print designs to my shop!

I am so excited about these new prints - they cover all the bases - swear words, sarcasm, and adorable.


Check out some of the new prints:


the ability to reach down someone's pants and be satisfied with whatever you find




the residence of an individual or family; a place of refuge; the person or place you want to return to over and over




a non-prophet organization




a mass murderer of thousands of innocent fruits and vegetables





Last but not least, I've added some events to my calendar.
Be sure to check out the new additions to the calendar, and if you can't make it, no worries! The online shop is always open.
Thanks for reading and have a wonderful weekend! Hope to see you soon 😊



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